studio snaps

if you ever overheard me say my favorite part of the work day is the mid-morning coffee break, i’d be super embarrassed.

so, let me explain.

about an hour after i get in everyday, i make my way down to the kitchenette in the very back of the studio to get my coffee. from there i head back towards my floor, peeking over everyone’s shoulder to see what they’re doing. (you’d think they hate me by now.) by that time of the day, everything is in full swing and incredibly interesting. machines and techniques are being used that i, an ex-design student, have never even seen. new fabrics are on the tables with fresh patterns that were just cut. and there’s a layer of humming from the sewing machines that surround the room. it’s beautiful.

working for a designer who produces in-house truly is amazing.





xo n

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October 23, 2012 · 12:52 am

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