friday favorite

there is something extra exciting about this fall: pantsuits.

you heard me, pantsuits. remember that time when you felt like matching your blazer to bottom was very faux pas?
not anymore. last week while nanette hosted her notting hill london shop party, she wore this ah-mazing pantsuit
from her latest collection. doesn’t it look so chic and not stuffy at all? i know what the next addition to my fall closet
will be ;)


 nanette poses with blogger monica welburn


shop the in the mix jacket | shop the pips pant

xo n

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October 12, 2012 · 1:37 pm

One response to “friday favorite

  1. Hi Nicole! I only just saw this – how lovely to have been included in Nanette’s fab pantsuits write-up – thank you : )! Nanette did indeed look ahhhmazing in this ensemble!
    The post from Nanette’s event is here on The Elgin Avenue too:

    Hope you guys at HQ are all well!
    Happy NY!

    MB x

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