nanette x wsj

this week the wall street journal did a profile on me within a feature of a start-up i’ve grown to use in my everyday
internet life. the start-up, material wrld, is an online fashion community for shoppable personal closets. it’s a step
up from the sometimes sketchiness of e-bay and lets you sell clothes that aren’t necessarily vintage, very different
from etsy. wanting to get the most out of my closet, i was one of the first to jump on board with material wrld.

when the wall street journal approached me about doing the profile, i was very excited. but the first question that
came to mind was “what am i going to wear?!” i sorted through my dingy dorm room closet and narrowed down a few
pieces. i ended up with a vintage 70’s inspired floral nanette dress. it was beautiful, but i felt it was a little dated for
what i wanted to represent: a fresh perspective with an up-to-date closet. after debating, i nervously asked if i could
borrow a piece from the offices. luckily they were more than happy to lend a piece out. i ended up wearing nanette’s
up on soul skirt with a sheer button down blouse, fringe necklace, and black flats.



shop nanette’s up on soul skirt

xo n

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