gearing up for fall

this outfit is one of my favorites. little details can make or break an outfit.

with that said, sometimes i come across riding pants that fit too slim or the knee patch is awkward.
nanette’s riding pant sits midwaist and trims to the leg nicely, making it a must-have for fall. the harness
top is one of nanette’s favorites from this collection. it has enough sequin and beading that you could
just wear it with your favorite jeans. and the lord & lady coat’s name alone makes it lovable. when worn,
it gathers nicely in the back creating an hourglass shape.







sometimes passer-bys challenge me to a pose-off. she won.

shop the riding pant | shop the harness top | shop the lord & lady coat

xo n

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One response to “gearing up for fall

  1. OMG that is so cute! I love that lady. And Nicole, you have a beautiful smile. We should see it more often.

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