in the studio : jenn yi

last week i met one of the coolest girls to date in the studio. (don’t get me wrong, i think all the chicks
here are pretty rad.) but because of her effortless, eclectic style and notable oversized jewelry, she
really stuck out to me. read more about jenn yi, fabric buyer and designer, below.


name: jenn yi
school attended: illinois institute of art in chicago

position at nanette: fabric buyer and designer
background in the industry: i was first an intern at anna sui; then for runway shows under a
pr company. i was first hired as a knitwear designer for a private label, but was applying to nanette
the same time. nanette said to call back in about three months. i started freelancing with her,
moved to assistant designer, then to fabric.
describe a typical day: i start my day with e-mailing the mills in europe. they’re about six hours
ahead of time, so i try to contact them before they close. then the team tries to meet with nanette
throughout the day for updates on fabrics. i look at lab dips for sampling and the showroom. i do
scarves too so i develop scarves based on prints, work with belt licensing, look at trend and color
reports, view vintage swatches for ideas. you know, everyday is so different.
what has been your favorite part: the parties – we’re known to have great parties. i enjoy
meeting with the people making our fabrics. also, nanette isvery involved; she’s very hands on
and I appreciate that. it’s awesome.
what advice do you have for those who want a future in design: you can be a strong designer
but if the timing isn’t right. oh, and when you start, work as hard as you can once you get your foot in
the door. but once you have your ground, realize all your time shouldn’t be put into your work.
describe your personal style: eclectic. my style has been kind of evolutionary. i started wearing
all vintage, then went to a mix of everything. i like to wear things from all over the world.
what is your ideal outfit to wear from day to night?: a crocheted kelly green halter top, neon
yellow wide-legged pants with a belt, large stone jewelry and big earrings. oh! and my new dolce vita shoes!


xo n

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