intern interview : nathalie anaya

before starting as an intern for a second time at nanette, i attended nanette’s fall 2012 press preview. at that
preview i met other interns i would be interacting with down the road. one intern specifically stuck out to me
and since starting has been so friendly. read more about pr marketing intern, nathalie anaya, below.


name: nathalie anaya
age: 20
school: arizona state university
major: business communication | minor: design and management

position at nanette: pr marketing intern
why nanette: i have always been interested [in nanette]. after school, my mom and i used to go to saks and
the first rack we went to was nanette lepore. i eventually grew into her clothing.
where else have you interned: i’m also interning at anna sui, but these two internships are my first.
how did you go about getting your internships:
describe a typical day as a pr marketing intern: i come in, read periodicals and gossip websites trying
to look for nanette pieces, return loan items from magazines, organize the closet, make press kits, and run
what has been your favorite part: in general, the experience and networking. at nanette specifically, i feel
like we’re a close-knit family.
what advice do you have for future interns: arrive early, always come in with a smile, ask lots of
questions, always dress like you want to run the place and not like an actual intern.
dream job: i want to be the next ira neimark.

xo n

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